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Global Speaking Fellow

Experienced, Credible, Globally Competent

In response to the expanding international nature of the needs of global speaking members, international clients, and global audiences, the Global Speakers Federation has established the framework for a designation that recognizes professional speakers successfully presenting at a global level.

Award Details

Successfully working across continents as a global presenter requires business acumen, specialized knowledge, and mastery of key competencies unique to presenting in global markets.

The key competencies of a successful global speaker and the component elements of these competencies are a part of the body of knowledge and educational content being developed exclusively by the GSF.

The GSF seeks to deliver educational content and tools that will improve the success of global professional speakers, reduce risks for international clients, and increase value for global audiences.

Award Requirements

With the input of global meeting professionals, international bureaus, global speakers, and research data that explored the precedent set for conferring global designations by associations across professions and industries, the GSF identified four core competency areas of global speaking:

  1. Global Communication Competency
  2. Global Business Competency
  3. Global Travel Competency
  4. Global Events Competency

These four competencies provide the framework for evaluating mastery of a speaker’s capabilities in global markets. The measures of continued success in global markets, the input of those who hire professional speakers, and the assessment of the knowledge the speaker conveys are combined to determine an applicant’s grasp and capability within the competencies.

Each competency has several components, developed into modules by key professionals under the guidance of an education committee to help professional speakers learn from the experience and insight of others. Each competency list is arranged in order of importance as determined through surveys and interviews. Those competencies ranked highest are a part of the Global Speaking Fellow assessment criteria.

Competency 1:
Global Communication Competency

  • Customize content for appropriateness and applicability
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to culture and manage communication appropriateness
  • Work successfully with interpretation professionals and communication technology – both simultaneous and delayed
  • Customize delivery style for place and culture

Competency 2:
Global Business Competency

  • Adhere to global business conduct standards and maintain high integrity
  • Navigate the unique realities of networking in global markets
  • Market and sell services in global markets
  • Identify and work with promotion and media relation professionals worldwide
  • Understand the expectations and the difference between being hired in a location or sent to a location

Competency 3:
Global Travel Competency

  • Make intelligent choices for flight and ground transportation options
  • Navigate the systems of visas and unique usage circumstances with passports
  • Know how to manage currency exchanges and allowable cash amounts for optimal results

Competency 4:
Global Events Competency

  • Understand local traditions and how those will impact the event and presentations
  • Maintain awareness of planner and client expectations that differ from home events
  • Manage the nuances of scheduling for events and how to adjust in the moment
  • Know the protocol for interacting with attending dignitaries

Questions on the Global Speaking Fellow Designation

Who can apply for the designation Global Speaking Fellow? 2018-07-08T08:19:23+02:00

You can apply for this designation if you have sustained a successful speaking business across numerous global geographical regions, and you are:

  • A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), awarded by
  • National Speakers Association (USA) or Professional Speakers Australia


  • A Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland (FPSA)
If I’m a CSP or FPSA, why do I need the Global Speaking Fellow designation? 2018-07-08T10:11:14+02:00

Without taking away any prestige from the CSP or FPSA designations, attaining the Global Speaking Fellow designation is a leading indicator that you are a professional speaker who is competent in the core competencies unique to global speaking.

The competency structure was developed with the input of global speakers and global meetings industry professionals, and is designed around the professional skills and behaviours demonstrated by a successful global presenter.

Support for high-level professionalism in the global speaking profession promotes the wider use of accomplished professional speakers. It also expands the credibility and value of all global speakers.

Bringing value to the global meetings industry supports effective partnerships between speakers and those who hire them. It also fosters confidence in the markets of GSF member associations and emerging speaking associations.

This confidence plays an increasingly important role as a driver and facilitator of the adoption and high-quality implementation of high standards in those regions of the world with emerging markets for professional speaker services.

Is the Global Speaking Fellow a higher designation than the CSP/FPSA? 2018-07-08T10:10:29+02:00

No, the Global Speaking Fellow can never replace the CSP or FPSA, and was never intended to be a ‘pinnacle’ designation. The designation Global Speaking Fellow stands alongside the CSP and FPSA in certifying global competencies.

The CSP and FPSA designations are internationally recognized in the speaking profession. However, while these designations are a measure of professional platform competence, they do not specifically focus on a speaker’s ability to successfully take their business across continents and cultures.

How do you evaluate the competence of applicants for the Global Speaking Fellow? 2018-07-08T10:10:10+02:00

The Global Speaking Fellow designation is conferred on those who have:

  • proven mastery of the core competencies over a minimum of three years.
  • received favourable reviews by the clients who have hired them.
  • demonstrated sustainability as a global presenter.
  • presented professionally in a designated percentage of the macro geographical. (continental) regions/geographical sub-regions as defined by the United Nations.
  • passed an internal review by an evaluation team of Global Speaking Fellow designation holders.

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