Jabulani Mangena

Jabulani Mangena is a Professional Speaker, an accredited Training Facilitator and Assessor, a recognized expert in turning dreams into reality.  He has 17 years professional experience, 5 of which he spent as a Police officer, 12 years to date as a Radio broadcaster and 7 of those as a inspirational speaker corporate trainer, consultant and coach.  Jabulani’s business stories and experience from living in destitution in Africa has given him the leverage as someone who can assist others in creating profitable positive business and life relationships in even the most challenging workplace dynamics.
Jabulani’s expertise is in speaking and training executives, business leaders, teams, and organizations through periods of less motivation.  He has a degree in Media Studies and 2 diplomas in Marketing and Journalism and professional writing.  Is a member of Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), Toastmasters International and Global Speakers Federation (GSF).
He recently (in August 2013) finished just outside the top 3 of the 9 finalists In the World Championship of Public Speaking of Toastmasters International in an annual event entered by +- 30 000 participants from 122 countries.  In 2013 the convention was held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Jabulani is the current  2013 Champion of Public Speaking in Southern Africa. He is also the 2010 Humorous speech Champion in Southern Africa. A passionate Soccer Commentator on SABC Sports for RADIO 2000.

Jabulani’s Keynote is:

The Garbage Bin Boy

This is part of Jabulani Mangena’s inspirational life story of holding on to a dream regardless of your background your current circumstances or age.  An account of a young man who defied the odds staked up against him.   A story about the power of determination, visualization and the power of attraction.

Jabulani Mangena believes that you are more than what you have become and that you are designed and destined for success.
The Garbage Bin Boy is a story about Jabulani’s struggles with poverty in the rural dark dungeons of Africa, dealing with abuse and bullies, living on the streets, begging for food and eating from the Garbage bins in the Cities.
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